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Sponsor a Course

NCIT will bring any of these classes to your agency. The advantages to the sponsoring agency can be a substantial budgetary savings for the number of persons able to attend.

With a full class size of 20-25 persons the hosting agency is given a scholarship for an attendee of their choice.  The cost of the presentation "on-site" also usually saves the agency expenses for travel, per diem, and travel "overtime" costs.

NCIT presentations are tailored for the particular hosting agency.  It is necessary that the NCIT instructors become familiar with the operational guidelines of the hosting agency.  NCIT instructors will meet with a representative of your agency to discuss specific departmental policy and existing guidelines on the Sunday prior to the first day of class.  It is the intention of NCIT to promote existing policy and emphasize areas of concern as expressed by your department.

NCIT will provide mail out advertisement to those agencies listed by the hosting agency.  NCIT will be responsible for coordinating the student list for these presentations. The enrollment of 20 students is expected at least two weeks prior to the class or the class may be cancelled. Canceling the class is a decision made in conjunction with the hosting agency.

NCIT will provide certificates upon successful completion of the classes and will provide the roster and necessary forms to California P.O.S.T. or other POST equivalent agency in your state.   NCIT will provide the props, ammunition, biological materials, unique or highly specialized supplies, and will be responsible for all student handout materials. All travel and per diem of the instructors in California is paid by NCIT. There is an additional fee for travel outside of California based on actual transposrtation and housing costs.

Student Responsibilities (all classes) --- Each student is required to bring a crime scene kit with extra packaging material and a digital camera to each class.  Video cameras are optional.  --- ADDITIONALLY --- Students should bring hearing protection for the range activity. for Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction.  For the Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation course, students should bring a full body cover “Tyvek:” like suit (2) with booties and head coverage

.Agency Responsibilities --- The hosting agency is responsible for a suitable meeting room for the class, a video projector for PowerPoint Presentations a “white” or chalk board, two easels with paper.  There are specific additional materials required for each class as described below.

Crime Scene Investigation & Reconstruction --- The hosting agency will need to provide the following:

  1. On the third day, the four-hour range session requires a "junked" automobile preferably a four-door sedan with all windows and tires but NO gasoline.  The towing of this vehicle to and from the firing range is to be coordinated with a towing agency by the host agency.  Reasonable tow costs will be paid by NCIT.  .
  2. On the fifth day, mock crime scenes will be set in "live locations" such as a bar, service station, motel room or other suitable “public” place.  Permission to use these locations is to be arraigned by the hosting agency. 
  3. The text "Evidence and Crime Scene Reconstruction" is included.

Advanced Reconstruction & Major Scene Logistics

NCIT offers the Advanced Reconstruction and Major Scene Logistics course to audiences that may not have taken our initial course offering, however it is necessary that we allow a day for “catch-up” in addition to the five days described above.

  1. The hosting agency needs to provide to a large, expansive area for the multi-phase crime scene.  In the past, NCIT has used locations such as airports, military bases, large storage facilities, county or city government buildings, and public streets.  Specific locations, which fit your community resources, will be utilized. 

Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation --  The agency is required to provide access to a large room where butcher paper and a variety of “domestic textured surfaces” can be placed for bloodshed the patterning demonstrations and experiments.  NCIT has used such as gymnasiums or workout rooms, vacant classrooms, auditoriums, large covered or underground parking structures, and houses scheduled to be destroyed.  If not available, NCIT will need a secure area where temporary walls (rooms) will be constructed at NCIT expense.

Please note, animal blood from a butcher (FDA inspected suitable for human consumption)  will be used in this course, thereby eliminating the concerns regarding disease transmission. However, at all times this blood will be “handled” as though it were hazardous.

Thank you for your interest.
Joe Rynearson

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