Joe Rynearson

Started his career in Alameda County Sheriff's department and after a nearly five years left to work with a statewide agency supporting law enforcement in their efforts to investigate all forms of crimes.  He continued to respond to criminal investigations as he had in Alameda County.   From burglary to arson to homicide… body dump sites, grave exhumations and mutilations… bloodshed, bullets and reconstruction.  These became the focus of interest from the start… up to the present.

Joe has varied interests within scene and criminal investigations.  His primary focus is to make crime reconstruction an integral part of every investigation…from murder to burglary!  His personal goal is to help as many others as possible develop the skills to “read evidence” and interact with suspects from a position of knowledge of the scene. 

Joe is a dedicated teacher, who spends  his spare time updating his material. He has lectured at the California District Attorney's Association Seminars on Homicide and on Forensic Science. He has been  guest lecturer at California State University, Sacramento classes on Criminalistics,  the International Association of Forensic Scientists and at numerous other venues throughout the United States  . Memberships include the Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction and the International  Bloodstain Pattern Association.

He has testified in many areas of investigation as an expert, but finds particular interest in reconstruction, major scene logistics, bloodshed interpretation, exhumations, bullet and weapon reconstruction, in the most complex multi-jurisdictional investigations, and in the “Old and Cold” homicide investigations.

Joe is frequently contacted by active law enforcement agents for those “quick questions”… and for the more detailed inquiries as well.  His commitment to serving law enforcement agents is the central focus of his knowledge and dedication.  24/7 whenever you have a need.

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